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A Manifesting Game Changer!

​​​“Common Expectation” vs “Solid Expectation”

How to “KNOW” Your Stuff Will Show Up! 
Manifesting ones desires is a big deal. There is a whole industry devoted to the idea that one can focus the mind and apply certain practices and techniques that will cause the things one desires to show up in their life.
Yet the truth is, a very small percentage of people, 10% at best, are actually successful at it to the degree they hoped for. Do a little research and you’ll see what I mean.
This is why there is a never ending search for that special system, that one bit of information, that hidden magical practice, that secret technique that will push the manifesting practitioner over the finish line and successfully manifest their dreams.
Like many people, I’ve spent most of my life in this search too, because I know we humans don’t know it all yet. This brings me to the concept of “expectation” in manifesting. In fact, more specifically...

​​“Common Expectation” vs “Solid Expectation”.
This is one of those discoveries that really opened my eyes! Once you understand the difference between the two and apply the method to make the switch, I believe you will move forward with your efforts to manifest with a whole new outlook and confidence that will bring success much more easily.

​​Because the basic foundation upon which these two concepts is based is radically different. 

“Common Expectation” is mundane.

​​It’s based solely on using your imagination to imagine your future chosen outcome exists right now in your mind – while realizing at the same time, in that same mind, that it actually does not exist here, right now in reality! 

This is the manifesting conflict of the ages! 

Trying to convince yourself to believe what you know is not yet true and “hoping” this will be enough to make it true. This internal conflict actually generates doubt! This is one of the biggest reason why 90%+ fail at manifesting!

“Solid Expectation” is Magic!

​​This is where you actually “do something” to establish “ownership” of your chosen outcome before it shows up so that you know it Will show up! The psychological and emotional impact of this action Confirms that your order will be delivered!

So Let's Get Into It...​​

“Common Expectation”

Expectation is an important part of manifesting one’s desires. It’s an attempt to achieve a “special state” of mind and emotion that will help energetically “pull” that amazing thing, experience or situation into one’s life.  ​

Common expectation, as I call it, is what people feel when they’ve done their best to follow all the steps to the Law of Attraction, Reality Transurfing, Nevilles teachings or a combination of these or other approaches to manifesting. People are told to apply the techniques and then let go and give their desire time to manifest. Be patient and continue the practices while they try to maintain that feeling of expectation that their desire is going to show up.
But after all their efforts in these disciplines, there’s still a problem… this approach leaves huge room for “doubt”. And it seems to come around all to soon. When what’s desired takes too long to show up, one will begin to doubt if all that mental and emotional juggling was worth it.
People begin to question if they did it right. If they did enough. If they did it long enough. If they repeated their affirmations enough or in just the right way. If they looked at their vision board often enough. If they dropped enough “importance” or “excess potential”. If they really “felt it real” by “living in the end”, etc.
People want manifestation to work for them. But they have so many questions about what it takes to make it work when their efforts don’t seem to be going so well. Especially when their backs are against the wall.
The problem with common expectation is that once one has completed their manifesting practices, they tend to fall into a state of “hope”. Why? Because they have no real reason to believe, outside of their own limited desire and faith, that what they’ve done will actually work.
Even if “all that” worked for someone else, the question still remains… “But will it work for me?” I hope it does! I have faith! I expect my stuff to show up because that’s all it takes… right? I followed all the steps so it’s bound to come in... won’t it? Why hasn't my stuff shown up yet? What else do I need to do?!? Maybe if I...
Ever been there?
With common expectation, one's desire is set in the future – but you try to imagine it’s here now. As in, it's not "here" yet and I recognize this and try not to. This is "wanting", or in other words, it's not “having". You want it to show up. You hope it will show up. You expect it to show up. But... it's not here yet. It's in the future. So you hope or have faith, which by their very nature are “future” oriented, not “now” oriented.
Common expectation is not bad, per se. It can help to keep the thing desired in one's attention span more often and maybe for longer periods of time. This might inspire one to imagine and visualize more. After all, energy does flow where attention goes.
But still, common expectation can make it take longer for one's desire to actually show up because common expectation is "hoping". Hoping is desire – which is “wanting” it to work – hoping it will work – doing the best you can to expect it to work – but it’s still not “having”.
In other words, there is no "ownership" in common expectation or hoping. Why? Because there is no real "investment" outside of desire, wanting and hoping.
Common expectation is based on a simple desire for ones chosen stuff. There is no investment. It’s just hoping and dreaming this is enough. You try to “assume” a state of “ownership” but there’s always that doubt thing bumping up against your paper thin confidence. And when your stuff takes too long to show up, it all starts to fall apart.
“Solid Expectation”
On the other hand, this new idea of "Solid Expectation" is based on the idea that one has actually taken a step that changes the world you live in. What is the action one can take that will change their world?
That action is when one – "Pays The Price"!
This is the game changer! And one you've probably experienced!
Ever bought anything on Amazon?
With Amazon, one decides they want something. This is fine. They go to Amazon and look for it. Once the object is found, one makes a few clicks and comes to the “order” page. Here, they may now click, “Place Your Order”.

​​The moment one actually “clicks” and submits their order, something happens inside that is actually palpable. It's a "felt sense" that happens in your emotional body. An energetic change that sends a new and powerful signal to the Universe that says...

​​"That Thing Is Now Mine! I OWN It!"

hat thing may not be here yet, but your “expectation” that it will show up is now based on a whole different set of criteria than simply wanting, hoping or having faith it will show up.
You can now claim "Ownership"!
This is an Extremely powerful change in your energetic state of being!​
Owning your stuff before it gets here is "Solid Expectation"!

Yes, I realize you're dealing with Amazon at this moment. But believe it or not, it works the same with the Universe!

​​Basically, you've entered into a "contract" with Amazon that says, "Hey Amazon, I “Paid” for that thing!

​​Now?... you owe me!"
And the feeling you get with this understanding fulfills the “Three Hidden Qualifiers”.
You "Deserve" your stuff, you are "Worthy" of your stuff, and "you have the "Right" to “have” your stuff! ​​Why? Because you “Paid The Price”! Your investment is proper and acceptable to both parties. You now have an agreement.

​We are born into a society where we learn early in life that everything has its price and one must pay for what they obtain. Be it cars, houses, toys, jewelry, vacations or even success in business or making that big dream a reality, we are taught that we must be willing to part with something of equal value to obtain it. And believe it or not, there's a sense of morality to this.
This is not necessarily so with most people, but if this fair exchange does not happen, there can be a feeling within that something is not right about having that wonderful thing.

​​When one does not give in proper exchange for their “stuff”, they may very well feel the affects of the imbalance of energies and that is an open door for doubt. And doubt will kill a dream as quickly as water in your gas tank will kill your car.
Expecting anything to come into your life outside of contracting with a source like Amazon, a grocery store or a business, etc., falls into the realm of "Manifestation". Or as I like to call it... "Authentic Magic!"
This is not a monetary exchange. This is an energetic exchange. This is where you enter into a contract with the Universe. 
How is this possible?

​​Because the Universe only operates according to natural "Law". Everything in the Universe is energy and all energies operate according to Law. For example, “Like Attracts Like”. “Cause And Affect”. “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”. “Water Seeks Its Own Level”. "What goes up, must come down". “Energies Must Be In Balance”. These are natural Laws of the Universe.

In fact, there is nothing that exists or happens in the Universe that does not exist or happen according to Law. This is why the Universe can be trusted and counted on. The Universe is not human and is, therefore, "Not Capricious". Law does Not have an opinion nor is it ever ambiguous. It simply Is. Law cannot play favorites. It cannot change it’s mind. Nor can it change the rules. The Universe IS the rules and these rules never change! They are not only eternal, they are present everywhere. 

Law fills the Universe and Governs it!​
The Universe can only work according to Law because the Universe IS Law. In fact, even Miracles happen according to Laws that we humans have not yet figured out.
And a little secret about miracles like manifesting your big dreams? They are set in motion by “Solid Expectation”! Or in other words... “KNOWING”! The fair exchange of ones “doubts” or “wanting” for the chosen miracle or manifestation. This is the currency the Universe understands and accepts.

The Universe and everything in it is energy and therefore it only deals in energy.​​ Your emotional states are energy which means you are in the perfect position to work with the Universe.
Since the Universe is governed by its own Laws, and Solid Expectation or "Knowing" is the energetic state that sets it in motion to deliver your stuff, how does one enter into a contract with the Universe in such a way as to “Know” it will deliver?

​​Simple... by completely releasing "wanting"! 

Know This…
There are only two states you can be in… “Waning” or “Having”.

​​This is natural Law. Examples: If you don’t “have” peace, you “want” peace. Once you “have” peace, you no longer “want” it. You “have” it.
If you don’t “have” a home, you “want” a home. But once you “have” a home, you no longer “want” one. You “have” one.

There is no in between.
It’s like sitting down or standing up. You can’t do both. You can only do one or the other.
Wanting is the state of lack. Desire. Not having. Disconnection. Emptiness. Hoping. Longing. The state of wanting is like saying, “No”.
Having is the state of fulfillment. Connection. Completion. Confidence. Ownership. The state of having is like saying, “Yes”.
These two states, “wanting” and “having” are energetic/emotional states... which not only conform to the Laws of the Universe, but can change in moments when one applies The Core Method. That change is how seeming Magic happens!
What’s more, wanting and having have never met!
​When “having” shows up, “wanting” disappears!

With Amazon, you pay the price with dollars. When you do this, it is understood that there must be an exchange. Once you pay the price, Amazon “owes” you. They must send your stuff because you paid for it. This Is Acceptable Practice.
With the Universe, the price you pay is different. It’s not interested in your dollars. No, the Universe works according to a very different system of fair exchange. What is that? ENERGY! The Universe responds to ones emotional/energetic “state of being”.

​​Or more precisely, “Who You Are”.
Like I say and is said by many, You don't get what you want in life.
​You get "Who You Are!"

​​Even with Common Expectation, your “intention” may be clear. But your “state of being” might be lacking because you have no real investment in your intention other than… “You Want It”. For a lot of people, this can feel a little weak, immature or like greed. And believe it or not, the hidden moral implications of this can stop manifesting in its tracks!

Because of this sense of “fair exchange” we’ve all been taught throughout our lives, if desire is all one has to offer the Universe, it can leave one with the feeling that maybe they don’t deserve their stuff. Especially if they have low self esteem. Not that the Universe cares. But it IS feeling you and responds to that feeling which is energy.
For most people, simply wanting something is not enough to convince them that they “deserve” what they want. That they are “worthy” of what they want. That they have any “right” to what they want. And this can be a hidden feeling and will still affect your manifesting.
Therefore, one's confidence that their stuff will show up is based on the weak foundation of wanting, hoping - and hoping their faith is enough - which gets them the state of Common Expectation. This may be, in large part, why over 90% fail to manifest their stuff.
On the other hand, “Solid Expectation” is based on the idea or concept that one has “Paid The Price” for their stuff. When one pays the price for what they’ve chosen, they go from wanting it to a state of “ownership”. A state that sits deeply in the “conscience” part of the subconscious mind and registers as “Fair Exchange”.
When one has a real sense of being involved in a transaction where fair exchange has occurred, one has the sense that one is, “Entitled” to the stuff one has decided one will have. This is where Neville's Law Of Assumption kicks in.
It’s So much easier to assume you will soon receive your “stuff” when you know you have paid the price and there has been a fair exchange. Now the other party “owes” you. You know it and you know the other party knows it. And this is acceptable to both parties. The energies are balanced.
You are now “Justified” in your “Solid Expectation”. You "Paid the Price".
So, how does one enter into a contract of fair exchange with the Universe so that one can feel that state of “having” or “ownership” and feel “justified” or “entitled” to receive their chosen stuff?

​​By completely releasing the state of “wanting”.
When one does this completely and fully, one automatically defaults into the only other state available… “Having”. After all, both states are nothing more than energy and you can manipulate your own energy with The Core Method. 

Drop or release "wanting" and you default into "having".​​

​This is “Ownership”. Or as I like to call it... "The Magical State". That state of being that feels complete. Feels like you deserve your stuff. You are worthy of your stuff. You have a right to your stuff. And you know the Universe agrees because this is the Law of the Universe... Like Attracts Like!

It's that state that changes your vibration or frequency from ​the weak state of wanting, hoping and maybe to the strong state of energetically pulling your stuff into your life based on a real transaction.​
Releasing wanting, releasing doubt, releasing hoping and any other weak emotion IS the fair exchange the Universe responds to because this is exchanging energy for energy.


​​The energy you release still exists and returns to neutral. When the state of wanting disappears or is neutralized, the state of having shows up because by Law, you Must be in one or the other of these two states. The Universe responds to this "having" state with its abundance.

This is balance! This is Fair Exchange! This is Law in operation! And by using the Laws of the Universe in your favor, you can be Guaranteed your stuff with show up!


​​Because the Universe follows its OWN Laws!

​​The Universe is conscious. The Universe is IN you. It is aware of itself. It is aware of you. It is aware of your state of being. It is aware of “Who” you are being. And it is aware if you are experiencing the energetic state of lack or fulfillment. It does not judge you. It simply responds to your energetic state.

​​This is Law. It can be no other way.
The Universe "does not care" one whit what your state is. It only "responds" to what your state is. If you are in a state of doubt, it is quiet. You’re on your own. If you are in a state of wanting, it gives you more wanting. If you are in a state of confidence and ownership, it delivers. It does not judge if you deserve your stuff. It ONLY responds to your state because the state you exist in is energy.

​​That’s the Universes rate of exchange… Give up or release the energetic state of "doubt" and "wanting", default into the energetic state of "having" or "ownership"  and the Universe delivers its abundance...

This is Law in operation which can be counted on 100%.
Next question…
How does one fully and completely release wanting, align with the Laws of the Universe, clear their life of unwanted negative emotions and come to “own” their chosen outcome before it even arrives?
You use a tool created and designed specifically for this purpose. A tool that works in seconds once you learn it. A tool that can change your life and bring the Magic of Life and the Universe into it.

You use The Core Method.​​

Scroll up and either get the book or watch the free videos.
Learn the method so you can "own" your stuff and change your life... permanently.

​To your success.