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​​It tells the whole story behind The Core Method and it teaches you how to do the method. Once you're on the site, click on the book image and you can read the first few pages.​

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If you're new to The Core Method, I recommend starting with Video #1, "Introduction To The Core Method Coaching" and going through the videos in order. This will help you understand the ideas, concepts and metaphors that support the method.​

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Hi Jim,
​I have been working with the Core Method for a number of weeks now. It has been incredibly helpful in releasing unwanted emotions. Whenever something bothers me, I use the method and within moments a warm flood, that feels like a wave washes over me and it is gone. The reason that these results are so incredibly extraordinary is that some of the abuse issues have been causing paralyzing fear and sickness for greater than 20 years. I have tried prescription medication, therapy, different healing modalities and nothing has worked. Yet within a short period of time and practice, I have been able to become totally free of these issues. To say thank you doesn’t seem adequate. This process has literally changed my life and restored me. Thank YOU so much for sharing your time, talents, and energy. You are a blessing. With love and gratitude.



​I read the Core Method PDF you sent me and did the work. I took a feeling that has been niggling at me for some time now, a feeling of not being good enough, of not being successful. When I use the Core Method, I always feel like it's an elevator. It seems to stop at certain floors for a few seconds (usually my heart or throat area). I'll often tear up there, or feel a strong flood of emotions. It feels right to stay on that 'floor' until they dissipate. Then I move on up through my head, though usually, the intensity of the feeling has already gone down. When I got to my heart area with that feeling of not being successful, for some reason I felt like a little girl not getting approval from my mom. I felt a big welling up of emotion, then a release, and yeah-by the time I went up into my head, it felt gone. Just reading your PDF, I'm again blown away by how easy the method is.

FHDA Canada


​​​​​​​​​​Now Jim I am a procrastinator... you need to know this about me. Not all the time but since I have ADD.. (I think) I do not like to do things until I feel I am calm and can give things my full attention. I was feeling down from coming home after our 3 day visit to Disneyland for my granddaughters birthday. I did not feel a peace or at rest at the time I was reading your message (the shortened Core Method).. but just as I was reading it, I was doing it. So it was not a really good effort........ I wanted to wait to tell you later if the effect lasted... and it did!!! I had no time to be in the right state of mind when I read your message on the new way for the method. I was feeling bad at that very moment. I did it in the quickest way I could without full effort... AND IT WORKED! It has been a few days now and I am still feeling good!!! ​

​EM Ca. USA ​


​I asked Jim for help because of a trauma from 4 years ago. Energy had been stuck in my lower abdomen, in the 2nd chakra “creative space,” leaving me unmotivated and insecure, unable to move forward in my life. With this process, the negative emotions just lifted right out of me and I was left in a very free and high space. Voila! A friend told me, “Wow! Your energy is so clear and lively!” In the next 2 days, I joyfully spent over 20 hours creating a video to launch my new work. I look forward to seeing even more results from daily practice!



​Jim Shane's The Core Method is an emotional release technique that absolutely changed my life. I use it with all my clients and personally to release negative emotions and relieve stress. It has helped me purge some of my most bottled up negative attitudes and conceptualize a brighter future for myself. As well as inspired me to take action to pursue it. 

OH Athens, Ga.


Holy S**t! - I watched all your YT videos over a few days and did the core method.. IT WORKS. This is huge!
After doing it for my recent breakup (which for some reason I don’t feel sad or scared at all anymore), I did a list of all the traumas in my life and released them - only completed half of the list because it felt like a lot, and over the next couple of days I could feel a strange energy shift in me…. I feel, different. Less reactive, definitely more aligned, and there’s been a couple of instances where I had started to get sucked in by a pendulum (due to a political situation in my country ) and I did the method and it’s like I’m neutral again… I see both sides and not letting fear and safety rule my life.
Jim Shane, I don’t know you but I admire you, and I’m sincerely grateful for you sharing this with the world!
I will do the rest of my list over the weekend, and keep strengthening this “muscle” over whatever life brings to me.
This is the best way to release importance and excess potential bar none.
Again, thank you! And, where can I find your book?

MC Vancouver, British Columbia​​


​I met Jim Shane during a very dark place in my life. I was having extreme panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Due to being raped repeatedly. This trauma left me unable to do daily activities. Things that I enjoyed I was no longer able to do because my pain and fear of men and being trapped by any man threw me in a debilitating panic attack following weeks of depression that kept me in bed. I couldn't even walk down the street. I couldn't stand to wear color on my skin. All my clothing I wore had to be black. Flashbacks, nightmares, and insomnia was now my new life. I was prescribed narcotics that left me sick to my stomach and foggy. I even had to change my job because I could no longer stand to work with men. I felt like the woman I was before had died and left me with this weak broken victim who hated and feared my life.
I no longer wished to be held back. I wanted a change but didn't know how. Nothing I tried seemed to be working. I worked with Jim using The Core Method, on my fear of being in public. This gave me tools that I have used in so many other situations in my life. Jim's Core Method allowed me to take back my power.
Today...I am no longer scared of men. I do not take any narcotics. I am currently going back to school to become a female mechanic. My goal is to empower other women in the mechanic world. Everything that held me back no longer controls me. I love my life again. I able to be an emotionally and physically available mom to my two incredible amazing boys. I don't allow my life to be controlled by my trauma. I am no longer broken or a victim...I am a strong warrior woman, a survivor. I choose to live my life to it's fullest. I will forever be thankful for Jim Shane and showing The Core Method healing that I needed.



"The CORE Method is such an incredibly useful and pragmatic tool. The concept is so simple it could easily be disregarded but the power of the method lies in the simplicity and accessibility of the method in daily life. Since discovering the CORE Method dramatic shifts have taken place in my life. Where I was previously challenged in circumstances now I take a breath visualizing the emotion at my root and allow the challenge to rise out of my body through the top of my head leaving me more clear, lighter, and ready to continue my day. The incredible improvements that can be gained in a matter of seconds cannot be understated!"

MB Wisconsin


​​​​Hello Jim, I have been using your method, and I'm pleased to report I am getting positive results. I suffer from depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic anxiety. I have been working hard for awhile now on overcoming the root of my issues. However, I have not been able to control my feelings in the moment I have been triggered. It was not until I began using your method that I could get clarity on a situation quickly enough before my emotions were triggered and I did or said something I regretted. I found using your method reduced my anxiety significantly when I used it during moments of feeling high anxiety. I was able to bring my anxiety level of 8 or 9 to a 3 or 2 in most situations. I also used the Core Method when I was nearing a panic attack. I do not get these often but I do suffer from one every three weeks. I did experience a panic attack approaching with an anxiety level of 10. I used your method, and within a minute I brought it down to a level 5, and then to a level 3. All in all, I found the Core Method to be very effective when using it to reduce anxiety. I was able to turn problems around that triggered me quickly, and therefore approach them with more clarity. I would recommend this method to anyone to assist people in making decisions they feel good about. Thank you, Jim, for being in my life. With Love

​TP Az. USA 


​I finally had a good nights sleep and woke up relaxed. I have been using what you taught me this morning and I am amazed at how quickly I can feel better. It feels so strange to have thoughts pop up in my head and to feel next to nothing or even nothing about them. I have spent so long having gut punch reactions to things, that feeling good or even neutral about it feels strange. I hope to see you again sometime!" 



​It’s been about a year and I realized how the quality of life really improved using this method. When I first started in Jan. 2019 I was always triggered about my financial situation, bills would trigger me and I couldn’t even look at my bank account. When I was introduced to this method instead of avoiding my triggers I took a deep dive, feeling my anxiety and panic and using the method. It wasn’t long before I started feeling a sense of calm or unbothered about my situation. I looked forward to using the method in all situation so I began to feel even thankful for things that triggered me because I really felt like i was healing and recreating my life situation. I cleared so much emotional baggage I was able to see money differently and align to a better situation. I’m now only working 2 days a week at a job I love getting paid twice as much, I feel free! I can’t remember the last time I’ve stressed about money or bills I have more than enough even through this 2020 pandemic. I’m still using the method now focusing more on my relationships and heart health. I’m so appreciative of Jim teaching this easy to use self healing tool. 

LS Kansas USA​​​


​Jim. I am delinquent. I finished your book last week and should have written here then. You introduced this book to us at a very important and emotion filled time of my life. I have found the Core Method effective in helping me manage my emotions and increase my humility. Thanks for sharing your insights. 

PS. I used Core method yesterday while driving to get rid of anxieties that were causing my shoulders and then by stomach to spasm. All but gone in seconds!

VI North Carolina​


​​​​Hi Jim, You know me for being a spiritual and positive person. No matter what is “bothering” me, I have a tendency to always put others first. It is that service spirit that I have. Recently I have been struggling a great deal with whether or not to retire from ever working as a nurse again. Give up my license and just be at ease with whatever is to come. This has come to me in phases and I keep hanging on. However, I used your techniques along with what has been tried and true for me over the years and the way was so clear. I finalized my decision and I mailed my license to the state and I am not going to be a practicing RN any longer, I am retired. Does that mean that I am no longer a healer? No. This has allowed me to open other doors to being and your program has helped me be comfortable with those decisions and have no anxiety about it what so ever. Thanks you so much for sharing this part of yourself with me.

​KW Main USA 


​​​​Jim’s system was an awesome surprise. It worked so quickly and effectively. I have learned many different processes over the last decade, and they each have something powerful to teach me. What Jim has created cuts to the chase. It may be one of the first processes that I can physically ‘feel’ working through my body. Please put aside any preconceived expertise on how things are ‘supposed’ to work and experience this at face value.

​JL Az.


​​​​(A note from me, Jim Shane...This person is my friend and Publisher of my book.)
​​“Jim is one of the most authentic, present and grounded men I know. He has crafted a method which simplifies all the overthinking into a fast and easy way to let it go and let it flow! I have known Jim for 10 years, and appreciate and enjoy sharing our time on Earth learning from and supporting each other while we love and support the people around us. Thank you for inviting me to help you bring this work to the world!”

​AK Arizona 


​​​​I just got the book a week ago and started rereading it as soon as I was done. It feels like the kind of book that will live on my nightstand from now on. The Core Method truly is magical. I've used it several times now, not just on things that are traumatic, but also on limiting beliefs. It's a bit soon to tell how much of an impact it's had, but the one thing I absolutely notice is that my energy levels are up and I feel more of a connection to people. I had been feeling down and depressed the last several months, due to Covid/work related stuff but now I feel excited about life again. My plan is to spend five minutes every day using the Core Method on everything I can! 

FH Canada


​​​​​​It wonderful to have such a great method that we can apply to almost anything. Thank you so much for sharing your work. I have been applying the method so much for the past 3 or 4 days, and have gotten such relief from trauma that i have been so anxious with for the past 6 years, that i now, have releases all the emotions of anxiety, i feel empty, and very tired. All the stress my body was under constantly is now being able to rest. I am looking toward your videos on the different ways you can apply the method. Hopefully i can learn to use it in a positive way, to help me manifest some new friendships, and better money matters in my life. 

OC This is from a Youtube comment


(This person is referring to the shortened version of the Core Method found in video #21 on my YT channel.)
​Jim, I'm having major success with the new technique. I use it when I need immediate help feeling better and I don't have much time to think about what I need, control, approval or safety. If I'm feeling overwhelmed because of an emotion that comes up or major anxiety, I immediately do the quick up and down technique 3 times and I can feel noticeable relief, I almost can't believe it. Thank you so much!! 

​VD Phoenix, Az.​​​


​"I had the pleasure of Jim Shane visiting my home a few weeks back for some very helpful one on one instruction. 
I discussed with him some of my feelings I had dealing with a difficult breakup along with some child hood trauma issues. I told him that these were hard to shake which left me with having anxious and depressive symptoms.
He explained and taught me a couple of methods I could use to release those emotions and feelings that seemed to be simmering within me. 
He had me try to identify what I was feeling and practiced releasing them using his techniques. It’s now been a few weeks that I have been using his tools, and I have a better handle on where the feeling originates and how to identify and release them myself. This has been invaluable to me. 
Jim is a very powerful and caring teacher. He makes sure you get what he is teaching and is available anytime to answer any follow-up questions you might have about your sessions. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to identify and releasing perplexing emotions and deal with them more effectively."

​​JV ​Arizona USA

I have many more testimonials.
​But maybe you'd like to create your own.
Learn the Core Method and start changing your own life now.
It Works!​

This is the podcast I did with Bootsy Greenwood after he found me. I had shared the simple pdf I wrote years ago describing the Core Method with a few people in a FB group I'm in. Bootsy was one of those. But life gets busy and he forgot to look at the pdf.

Many months later, he rediscovered the pdf. He read it and applied the method and was so impressed with his own results that he shared it with some of his friends and they also got positive results from the method.​ So he set about looking for who sent him this amazing pdf... because I hadn't thought to put my name on it. Duh.​

He finally found me in October of 2020 and aske me to do a podcast with him about my method. I did the podcast which is what motivated me to finally write my book. It was published on Amazon the week before Christmas, 2020. Then at the beginning of 2021, I set about making videos on Youtube teaching the method.​​

Anyway, here is that original podcast with Bootsy.

Click on the "Play" button under his picture...
There may be something bothering you.

​​If you sincerely follow these instructions, you will find relief.

This is the basics of The Core Method

Takes a few minutes to explain and learn it.
​Once you get good at it, takes about 6 seconds to do it.

Think of the story. This is what happened or what makes you feel bad.
​This is easy. The moment you have it in mind, it's intended.
​Your subconscious knows this is the one you're working on.
Now focus on the emotion that story causes.
​You know how you feel. Allow yourself to feel it.
​The more you engage with that emotion, the better the method works.

​The emotion is pointing to the "want". This is what's missing.
​The emotion brings up a feeling that you want one of three things...
​either Control, Approval or Safety.
Even though you've never thought of an emotion this way,
​feeling the emotion makes you aware of the want.
​Your intuition will easily tell you which it is with a gut feeling... "That one!"

So, once you feel the emotion, ask yourself, "What does this bring up?
​Wanting Control, Approval or Safety?"​​
Once you get a hit on the want, put your awareness into the center of your body, down low at your tailbone. Say this two-word phrase one time... "Wanting ______" and say the want. As in example... "Wanting Control".
Now move your awareness quickly up the front of your spine to the top of your head.
​Once there, move it down the back of your spine to your tailbone.
​Should only take a total of about 6 seconds. 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down.
Stop... take a breath. This is one circulation.
Now check back with the story. Does it still feel the same?
​If there's any of the emotion left, do the last part of the method again.
Run your awareness up the front and down the back of your spine a few times
​to have a greater effect. Each pass of your awareness up the front and
​down the back of your spine reduces the intensity of the emotion.
​Do this until you can think of the story and feel a calmness.
That one done? Now check with the other wants.
​If you did Control, do you feel wanting Approval now? Wanting Safety?
​If so, do the method on them until they are calm. Until you feel neutral. At peace.
Do the same with every emotion you feel about that story. Do this method with all negative emotions about everything in your life. A little work every day will change your emotional and spiritual identity and your life for the better.